Monday, December 19, 2005

Good Call, Doctor

Come back when you've quit, UK doctor tells smoker

Years ago, when I was educating a patient on a low sodium low cholesterol heart diet he looked at his significant other and said "Just shoot me now!"
I explained to him I am doing as the doctor ordered to educate him on this diet.
I think he still smoked. He was 50 and looked 80. He had had a CABG x 4.
This means that 4 larger arteries had to be surgically removed from his legs and put near his heart! This kind of procedure may only "last" 10 years.

A few other times when I have had a good rapport with the patients, I have shared, it is pointless for me to educate you on this heart diet if you continue to smoke.

This Holiday and Vacation time, don't tell yourself it is okay to pig out.

Try to have some control over what you eat. Plan ahead that you will not go back for seconds. It is okay to have one bite of a sweet and toss it out. It is okay to say no thanks.There is no such thing as free food. Extra turns into body fat.

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revnorman said...

You are in our prayers!