Thursday, February 23, 2006

Teach Science Intelligently

Is Intelligent Design Intelligent, or is Darwinism a lot of Monkey business
By Bill Haymin
February 21, 2006
..........“What’s different about the ID movement is it didn’t arise out of religious conviction but out of new scientific discoveries. Simply put, scientists are discovering that life is too complex and too highly ordered for the current neo-Darwin explanation. In fact, what they assert is that life on earth was DESIGNED. The ID movement shows a belief in a Creator SCIENTIFICALLY fits with the facts!” Alan Keyes..........
..........Are science teachers trying to change the RELIGIOUS beliefs of students? If Christian students learn to believe evolution, will they eventually deny their Christian faith? Dr Terry Mortensen, of Answers in Genesis, says evolution is not a science but a philosophy. In fact, evolution is a religion. Atheism depends totally upon evolution. It takes faith to believe evolution.
Kevin Snider, the Chief Counsel for The Pacific Justice Inst., says PJI is suing the Univ. Of Cal. For using tax dollars to undermine the religious beliefs of Christians. If government favors teaching only evolution, is it establishing a religion?
The state is actually supporting and promoting an atheistic philosophy that is a direct violation of the first Amendment by establishing a secular religion-atheism!..........

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