Saturday, April 07, 2007

THE RELATIONSHIP IS OVER...don't cry for me

I want to break up WITH FOOD! I really need to stop overeating-- eating due to emotions not addressed, or boredom, etc. I need to seriously address this 47 year old bad habit of mine, Coping Mechanism, whatever you want to name it.
I turn the big 5.0. in a few months.
I need to tackle this and be cured of it for my next *50* years---sure!
My Reality Check was being weighed at the doctor's office April 2nd.
I've already increased my activity, walking, parking farther away, stairs, ex-bike.

I am eating less. I'm trying to decipher my emotions before choosing to eat. I found a great web-page on being cured of binge eating. My therapist is helping me address the real deeper issues related to my being overweight.
My doctor would not give me a diet pill--damn her! (just kidding)
Please pray for me to accomplish this. Thanks.

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