Friday, June 16, 2006

Very Touching Song

The Song "Daises and Roses" really touched me.
Read about it:

"Roaring Lambs" was meant as a challenge to Christians. Where does your song on the CD, “Daisies and Roses” fit in?
It is about how we felt when we went to Saudia Arabia to play for the soldiers. The whole trip was a challenge because we were in a country where you couldn't speak about your faith.
We had to sign death-penalty notices before entering the country stating we would not bring in any kind of Christianity. Guess you could say that we had to tell a white lie because all we sang about was God.
"Daisies and Roses" came out of that experience. The challenge was trusting in God and going forth into a country where we knew we weren't welcome but we were granted the victory for facing up to the challenge.”

It starts from the motions that blade 'round my mind
Causes premonition, and it takes me out of time
It's a story told over of how I came to be
Screaming from the mountains I was blind but now
I seeI am a soldier trying to be one living in salvation, shining like the sun
Daisies and Roses are all I can see, all I'll ever live for
That sun, those stars, holy sea (louloulouloulouloulou... 17)
Oh! Lonely soldier, why are we alone?I thought we were all connected
My, I thought we've grown, we all need attention to heal from our cries
I dream of your smiles to drench my dying eyes
Colors and visions, mountains and streams
Needing each other, oh baby, it's better than it seems
Daisies and roses are all i can see
All I ever lived for, that sun, those stars (loulouloulou... 17)

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