Thursday, June 29, 2006


I attended a catholic vigil and mass for a co-worker’s sister last week. I hated the relentless praise of Mary. I tried to pray during that time.
Good that came out of it (Romans 8:28) I encouraged another sister, a stranger to me, a young girl, who had guilt and asked for forgiveness from her dead sister in front of all of us.
As I gently rubbed her arm I told her you did nothing wrong. You are a good person. What you are feeling is normal. God Bless you. You did nothing wrong. Your sister knows that.
She thanked me (weeping, head down).
I believe God placed me there to comfort this distraugt young lady, a stranger to me.
God is so Amazing. All Powerful. All Knowing. Sovereign. Loving. Kind. Merciful. Wonderful. Just. Forgiving. Helpful. Forever.

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boobihere said...

I am so happy and proud that you were able to comfort the sister in her time of grief.