Saturday, August 25, 2007

HAIKUS I wrote on Love

Love opens our world
To new possibilities
Never imagined

Love enters into
Our lives when we don’t expect
And leaves abruptly

Love returns to us
Perhaps in a new package
We embrace it more

Love is volatile
Passionate tender honest
Mean and Confusing

Love is shared moments
With Impeccable timing
Friendship and Conflict

Love is Forgiveness
Sunny Days and Stormy Nights
Mercy Care and Joy

Friends who love forgive
True Love cannot hate lie steal
Friends who love repent

Love surprises us
Even after many years
With pleasure and health

Love is to observe
Workmanship of God displayed
In your own children

Love is gift from God
Shared and passed on so we Bless
Others with God’s gift


revnorman said...

Thanks Chris - very nice!

boobie said...

Intriguing thoughts, thank you.