Sunday, September 02, 2007

Too Creepy // Swimmers Read This

I went swimming in our pool early this morning, about 815.

I noticed what I thought was a dead spider in our pool.

It was on it's back, with legs curled under, floating on the water. I thought it might be a black widow and was very happy it was dead. I almost used my hands, since it was dead, but instead I got a pool toy and removed it from the water. It proceeded to walk away! I smashed it with the pool toy. Damn Resilient Poisonous Spiders!


revnorman said...

Whoa! You are lucky! Too bad I don't believe in luck . . . Great use for a pool toy

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Yuck, we've got those icky things in Nevada too! Although I don't think the ones we have... are smart enough to play dead! Luv, Cheryle

chris e. said...

I discovered a great way to kill black widows.
Sneak up on them with a Cane or a wooden cylinder and squish them with wrist action from top to bottom.