Thursday, April 27, 2006


Dont read this if you tend to get queasy.........
I did NOT have a C-section NOR an epidural x 2.
It HURT both times! I had stitches x 1. After my first
baby was born I told my husband I want 7 more=>
Crazy Mother Hormones. My first nurse was a monster.
My 2nd doctor was awesome. Email me if you want more information. (
Canada paying high cost for C-sections: study
..........One in four pregnant women in Canada chose C-section births in 2002-03. This number is up 17 per cent from a decade earlier...........
.........."If you think you're going to have a better figure if you have a C-section rather than a vaginal birth, you're realistically wrong. It'll take longer for your abdominal muscles to get back into shape and of course you'll have a scar on your abdomen."..........

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chris e. said...

Someone told me the high c/section rate in Canada is because doctors want more money. True?????