Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Enormous Meat-Loving Dinosaur Found
April 18, 2006— Remains of an enormous species of carnivorous dinosaur, which was longer than all other previously identified meat-eating dinos, have been found in western Patagonia, according to a news conference held there on Monday.
Researchers announced that the newly discovered meat muncher, Mapusaurus roseae, belongs to a group of gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs called carcharodontosaurids. This group includes Giganotosaurus, the largest meat-eating dinosaur to ever walk the earth.
The discovery is published in the latest issue of the journal Geodiversitas.
Paleontologists say Mapusaurus exceeded 41 feet in length and had a shinbone that was longer than that of Giganotosaurus. The current record-holder, however, retains its "largest" title because Giganotosaurus would have been wider and heavier than Mapusaurus.......

A Meat Eater Bigger Than T. Rex Is Unearthed
A new dinosaur species, one of the largest known carnivorous dinosaurs, has emerged from the red sandstone of Patagonia, in Argentina, where reptilian giants seem to have thrived 100 million years ago.

Huge meat-eating dinosaurs roamed in groups in Argentina
NEW YORK — Scientists are learning more about what appears to be one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs known, a two-legged beast whose bones were found several years ago in the fossil-rich Patagonia region of Argentina.
One expert called the discovery the first substantial evidence of group living by large meat-eaters other than tyrannosaurs like T. rex.

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