Monday, March 06, 2006

Good Words For Parents

[I wanted to pass on some good words of advice I heard from
Pastor Alex Montoya on the radio. These really struck true to me,
a busy mom, wife, hospital worker, and church volunteer.
I stopped driving and took notes! Hope you find this helpful.]
Parents, are you getting enough sleep every night?
You need to average 6 -7 hours of sleep every night.
You need balance in your life.
I encourage you to EAT A MEAL TOGETHER.
Really cook. Turn off the TV.
Make your family a priority. Make this meaningful.
Take 2 hours to share with each other.
I encourage you to PRAY TOGETHER.
We are so involved with the work of God we don’t

have time to pray with our family! Find a verse for the day.
Find a thought for the day. It can be short.Families need Christ
at home. Make this a priority.
I encourage you to WORSHIP TOGETHER.
Some families only come to church every 5 weeks.

I encourage you to be consistent. Don’t let things keep
you from church. It is not by accident God chose
one day to be holy. We need to keep ourselves out of stress.
Rest and Grow. Give God your Sunday
and make it your day of rest and your day of worship.

Make this a priority.
I encourage you to LEARN TO PLAY TOGETHER.
Play games. Don’t be “too tired” or “too busy” to play

with your kids as you sit there and watch TV. Laugh together.
If someone drove by your house, what would they hear?
Sex is okay as part of marriage. Couples should go
on a date once a week. Allow your husband to romance you.
Date according to your budget. Share babysitting with

another couple, or ask family to baby-sit, or pay a church
or high school kid. Make it work.
I encourage you to WORK TOGETHER.
Job share. Share the house work.
A happy family honors God in your home.
We want Christ Centered Hearts and Lives.
Husbands take responsibility and Leadership.
Affirm and thank your church. Model Christ.
If you honor God, God will honor you.
Apply the truth of Christ’s heart to the life of your family.


revkasedoggy said...

good stuff man!!!

chris e. said...

Rev KC,
That means a lot to mean that you liked what Pastor Montoya said.
I really respect what you write.