Thursday, March 30, 2006

I believe in Angels...

[Have you ever been delayed or decided to drive a different route home just to pass a horrific accident right where you should have been? I have. Often.
I try to remember to pray for the victims and thank God for the paramedics and also thank God for protecting me and my passenger(s), usually one of my sons.]
I watched the whole miracle;
The child on his mother’s arm, walking home,
The teacher, leaping in a frenzy, shouting and calling,Running across the crowded playground, middle-aged speed.
I watched the whole miracle: Saw her chase and catch the boy, Hold the Mum, return the toy, And as I walked closer heard fragments of their breath. I watched the whole miracle. Moments later The car smashed where they should have been. I watched the whole miracle -
She took a day’s rest.6/10/99
This poem is about a little miracle I witnessed from start to finish, with a teacher talking to a toddler in a classroom then jumping up a few minutes after he and his mother had left, clutching a toy he'd forgotten and charging out as fast as she could.She was in time to stop them both, to chat for a moment, and whilst they chatted a car driven by one of the local drugged-up yobs knocked down a lamp-post, precisely where they would have been.They were the only ones who ever walked on that bit of pavement.This teacher was full of energy, full of life and personally I believe that 'God' somehow spoke to her directly, short-circuiting her in some way. Next day she had to take a rest. I was the only one who actually 'saw' the miracle - it seemed to pass everyone else by, including the teacher, including even the mother who I had a brief chat with some time later. The fact that she would have been there and been dead, yeah she realised it but it still didn't register - well, what can you say? (R.M.)

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