Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"MONEY" poem

Money, Money, Money by Neil Harding McAlister

Money, money, money!
Mammon Almighty!
We drive to the Outlet Mall
Where we can worship thee,
Seeking second-hand fame
From designer brand names;
Programmed consumers
On a spending spree.
Money, money, money!
God looks down glumly.
Slaves of illusion
To golden calves we pray,
Negligent of others,
Careless of our brothers.
Blind acquisition
Soon must pass away.
Money, money, money!
Junk food aplenty.
Buy a bigger pair of shorts
Our buttocks to contain.
Kids in Third World nations
May die of starvation;
Casual gluttons,
We more weight shall gain.
Money, money, money!
Drowning in plenty,
Who can value anything
When nothing is denied?
Foolish ads we all heed,
Then buy things we don’t need,
Driven by greed that
Can’t be satisfied.
Money, money, money!
Fives, tens and twenties.
Can’t we see that who we are
Is not the stuff we buy?
Souls cannot be measured
By the goods we treasure.
Fashion’s a blink in
Time’s eternal eye.

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